Who am I ?

Who am I ?

A keen adept of astrology and human science for the past 35 years, I practice an astrology based on a structural approach, rooted in the I Ching and philosopher Raymond Abellio’s writings. I am also a certified psychotherapist and business coach.

Structural Astrology

“There are many different astrology schools, each one colored by its specialty. Structural Astrology focuses primarily on the evolution of consciousness (how to release fixed situations) and on the ways and means to cope in times of change. In order for humans to live together, society has formatted them, constraining them in a necessary normality, at the cost of their own nature and of the cosmic meaning of their life. Structural astrology has developed an approach of individuals which yields information on the possible paths for returning to the Self, taking into account the present reality of society. Based on this perspective, the natal chart reading then becomes a tool to uncover the patterns of repetitive behavior stemming from early education, initiating an evolutionary mode in the person’s life.

Decoding what was imprinted unaware at an early stage, enable the person to understand what keeps repeating unconsciously in adult life, and to see the blockages in times of change. This type of astrology is then a precious added element to all approaches of personal or spiritual development. In times of hardship, it helps orient the person towards a solution well adapted to his or her character and to the present moment.

Structural astrology is therefore specifically well suited for persons wishing to change their life for a greater fulfillment of their potentials, or those facing a storm of events -which supposedly ‘only happen to others’- and urgently requiring a solution. It is also intended for the helping professions…”
From C. Duchaussoy, founder of Structural Astrology