Why have a chart reading?

Understanding your birth chart will enable you to:

  • Get to know yourself better, and develop all your potentials,
  • to better understand the dynamics of a relationship, its benefits and challenges,
  • Identify recurring patterns, highlight your resources in the face of the
    obstacles encountered, and discover keys to resolution
  • Define your professional skills and talents; and how to manifest them
  • Discover the trends for your coming year, to take full advantage of the
  • Identify transgenerational or karmic strengths and issues
  • Take the royal path to your destiny (rather than suffer your fate!)

Astrology opens the door to a different way of seeing things. Through the deep understanding it offers, we can envision the paths to our realization and fulfilment. And its most beautiful gifts are undoubtedly acceptance and self-love. We have the power to lead and transform our lives. The nuggets gleaned from the birth chart remind us of this truth, and allow us to use good timing, insights and targeted energetic qualities to change what we want to change.
Astrology reminds us that our lives have meaning, and that we are true co-creators of our experiences and situations. Where we have difficulty in seeing ourselves as co-creators, it tells us why and how, pointing the way to the best version of ourselves.