The chart reading is a moment when you can study any question or situation that is close to your heart, in addition to the “standard’ themes presented below.
Remember that we all have the ability to create our world and that predictions lock us in. My goal is to support your creativity to create the life you want.
The most productive sessions are those that open up a dialogue. As we exchange, your chart comes to life, and I can see more precisely the unfolding of your issues and challenges, and the levers at your disposal.

The birth chart
It is the basic study, namely of your character, your potentials and how to develop them through a path of consciousness. We can discuss a particular issue you have about the coming year.

The chart comparison / relationship chart
This technique analyses how two people relate with each other. Discover the deeper meaning for your different relationships: what may hinder or support your affinities, common projects, and commitment (couple, parent/child, genealogy, business relations, etc.).

Vocational chart or career change
What are your professional talents: in which social settings do you flourish and promote your skills? We will discuss the potential, obstacles and solutions to optimize your career, and discuss the timing also. For teenagers and adults in search for professional alignment.

Soul Chart / Spiritual destiny
highlights the innate gift you hold, how to activate it, and how to meet the purpose of your incarnation.

Yearly Forecast / Solar Revolution
The forecast study as of your birthday date outlines future trends, how to make the most of those possibilities and decide on an adjusted approach.


Life & professional coaching
If you are currently in a phase of change and transformation, we may design together a support plan to achieve your objectives, based on the fresh and innovative perspectives of astrology. Regular or ‘à la carte’ sessions.